West Hill Sugar Orchard

Maple Syrup Gathered by Bucket & Boiled Over a Wood Fire

A Little History of the West Hill Sugar Orchard

This sugar orchard in the heart of Vermont has a long history of boiling sap into maple syrup. Founded as the D.E. Ralph Sugar Orchard, then run as the Arnold Livingston Orchard and now as the West Hill Sugar Orchard, these trees have supported over 80 years of sugaring. The sugar shack bears witness to this past and continues to be a local landmark admired by visitors and community members alike.

However, the sugar orchard had fallen into disuse and disrepair until its restoration in 2015. This restoration was made possible through the contributions from the sugar orchard’s many supporters and volunteers. Thanks to our sugaring community's determination, this piece of Warren’s cultural heritage is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The West Hill Sugar Orchard Today

Today, we are continuing to cultivate the West Hill Sugar Orchard as a place for people to experience traditional sugaring techniques as well as produce pure high-quality maple syrup.

In this mission we are dedicated to creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly sugaring operation on West Hill. To this effect, we have returned to traditional sugaring methods which reduce landfill waste and recycle the resources of the orchard. We collect our sap by bucket, boil it into syrup over a wood-fired arch, fueled by hard wood conscientiously harvested from the orchard, and then bottle it in glass to produce the best flavors possible.

The West Hill Sugar Orchard welcomes visitors during the sugaring season (mid-March through mid-April). If you see the steam raising from the sugar shack, come in to say hello and watch maple syrup being made!

Sugarshack in Snow.jpg

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