West Hill Sugar Orchard

Maple Syrup Gathered by Bucket & Boiled Over a Wood Fire

The West Hill Sugar Orchard is proud of and honored by its international community which has grown around producing Vermont maple syrup the old way. This community has made the 2015 restoration of our sugaring operation possible and continues to give support with every visit to the orchard or pancake covered in our syrup.  We cannot thank you all enough for your amazing generosity. 

Founders and Supporters

David Welch and Lisa Onorato

Ellen Rosenberg

Susan Shannon

Anne Golec Vilaplana

Peter and Susan MacLaren

Ken Nadolny

Lydia Koschyk

Susan Rose

Molly Holt 

Nikki Verhoff

Jonathan Barone

Elliott Clarke

Patty Jo Cahilly Anzivine

Biljana Likić

Liane Luton

Dotty Kyle

Doug Morgan

Bonnie Dash

P. D. Waltman

Tim Wilkinson

Nikolay Shargorodsky

Michael Nicholas


Ray Adams

Dylan and Claudia

Thayer McClay

Jane Braun

Doug Shick

Peter Colgan

Alexander Zahringer

Janice Vogini

Guy Tunnicliffe

Tim Lobdell

The Kelly Family

Adam Steel

Kate and Jonathan Halcrow

Michael Niklaus

Henriette Arndt

Maddy and Larry Weinstein


Arnold Livingston

Carol Twenty-Five

Monica Cahilly

Randy Bretzin and Hayley Morris

Mary Jo Cahilly-Bretzin

Audrey Weiss, Michael, Mark and Isaac Norwich

Helen Towers

Peggy Targrove

Glenn and Mary Cahilly

Stuart, Signe, Jess and Laura Harrison

Marco Moramaro

Tom and Rosemary Clarke

Nancy Mobley

Penny Carroll

Judy Robertson

Labbi Slazuli

Denis and Josie Lee

The Ackland Family

Patty and Mark Giometti

Lynn Wolff

David Silver

Tomas Flecker

Þorsteinn Evans

Ashley Arruda

Katie Bush

Mary C. Cahilly

Marion Usher


Amy Francis

Dusty Jepkema

Adriana Oller and Neal Cariello

Meredith Cherry

Patricia Weston

West Hill House B&B

Jenna Hess

Emma Harrison

Nico Kist

Ethan White

Interested in becoming a supporter? Donate to the West Hill Sugar Orchard by adopting a bucket and we will add you to our ledger of supporters on display in the sugar shack during the season. You can adopt a bucket here.

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